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Organically grown zhi organic black loose teas hand selected for a wide variety of tastes. From the complex Chinese teas, to the bold, malty Assams, milder Nilgiri, and the brisk and intense Sri Lanka teas, zhi presents a nice cross section of the best of the best. Choose Breakfast teas and exotic and popular flavored teas, as well.

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  1. Keemun Mao Feng

    China Black from Qimen. Deep bronze, fruity, warm, and malty

    Price: $24.95 As low as: $3.95
  2. Gong Fu Black

    Incredibly smooth and complex. Rare black tea with distinct chocolate notes.

    Price: $29.95 As low as: $3.95
  3. Fredericksburg Peach

    Malty Assam Black tea leaves with peach pieces.

    Price: $24.95 As low as: $3.95
  4. Earl Grey Choice - Silky Single Sachets

    Bold and rich Single Estate Indian black tea. Complex and uplifting.

    Price: $10.95
  1. Earl Grey Choice

    Sri Lanka Black from the Venture Estate. Highest grade full leaf with natural oil of bergamot. Bio-dynamic and Fair Trade.

    Price: $24.95 As low as: $3.95
  2. Darjeeling Estate

    India Black Darjeeling – Second Flush - Fair Trade

    Price: $29.95 As low as: $3.95
  3. healthy 

    Black Chai with cocunut, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom.

    Coconut Chai

    Coconut flakes in a smooth, well-balanced Indian chai.

    Price: $27.95 As low as: $3.95
  4. customer

    Cocunut Assam Black Tea

    Coconut Assam

    Assam Black with Coconut Pieces - Rich and Subtly Sweet

    Price: $25.95 As low as: $3.95
  1. Classic English Breakfast

    Sri Lanka Black Full Leaf - Rich and Flavorful

    Price: $19.95 As low as: $3.95
  2. top

    Organic Classic Black Iced Tea

    Classic Black Iced Tea Kit

    Rich and full flavored Classic Black iced tea kit.

    Price: $9.95
  3. customer

    Chocolate Chai with cinnamon, cardamon and ginger, pure vanilla and an abundance of organic Peruvian cacao nibs.

    Cacao Chai

    Medium spiced black chai with an abundance of cacao nibs. Seasonal favorite!

    Price: $27.95 As low as: $3.95
  4. Blue Earl Grey Decaf

    India Black – High-grade Black tea with Blue Cornflowers

    Price: $21.95 As low as: $3.95

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