There is actually nothing called an oolong green tea.  These are two different varieties of tea and offer different flavors.  The oolong has a wider range of flavors, ranging from a sweet fruity flavor to a woodier roasted flavor.  Green tea is the tea that has a more consistent flavor because it has higher levels of flavonoids, which contribute to the final taste of the tea.  Many people confuse these two teas, but they have very different flavors and should each be enjoyed individually.

I have tried Oolong, is Green Tea Different?

Depending on the type of oolong, green tea may offer you a more traditional tea flavor.  This type of tea is the traditional tea for many parts of the east and has only moved into the west in recent years.  You should always purchase a small amount of any tea to sample before you make a large purchase.  There is nothing worse than spending money on tea that you do not enjoy and will never drink.