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Most restaurants don’t really give much thought to the iced tea that they serve. This is pretty surprising considering statistics show that it is the most ordered beverage for spring and summer. If you are brewing tea from large tea bags or using syrup varieties from a gun, you may want to consider offering your patrons a little higher quality product.

Most restaurant owners and managers are not even aware that you can order quality teas at a wholesale level, but you certainly can! You probably take great pride in offering an exceptional roast of coffee, especially to the breakfast crowd; don’t your tea drinkers deserve the same? After all, tea is quickly becoming the new coffee, as the vast majority of the population looks for easy ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

The Iced Tea You Serve Can the Key to Your Success

Competition is stiff these days. Sure, you have exceptional food and fantastic service, but is there a WOW factor that makes you stand out from others? Is your restaurant name being brought up in conversation around the water cooler or at yoga later or at the spa on the weekend? When your patrons appreciate that you offer a high quality iced tea, it will! What a powerful yet effortless marketing tool a simple beverage can be!


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<![CDATA[Green Tea Gifts – Perfect for You!]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Green-Tea-Gifts-Perfect-for-You/ Green Tea Gifts – Perfect for You!

Who says that you can’t buy green tea gifts for yourself? Is it only acceptable to buy a gift basket or enroll someone else in a tea club for a special occasion? Don’t you deserve to do something healthy and enjoyable just for you? If you are looking at the beautiful variety of green tea we have available here at Zhi Tea and feeling a little guilty that you want to order yourself something, you can join the club. You may be surprised at how many people come here shopping for someone else but end up buying for themselves instead.

Buy Green Tea Gifts for Someone Else and Add a Club for You

Zhi Tea can essentially be your one-stop shopping place for everyone in your life. When you are buying green tea gifts for someone else, why not add a monthly club for yourself to enjoy?

You can choose a six- or 12-month cycle, and every month you receive a new tin with a different flavor. These are not tiny servings either; our tin holds as many as 50 cups of tea. Just a few of the mouthwatering flavors you may get to enjoy include Moroccan Mint, Jasmine Green, and Cherry Sencha. Just imagine how much you will enjoy that satisfying cup of tea after a long hard day. It is better than dessert, and better for you!

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<![CDATA[Tea Gift Baskets – Perfect for Anyone on Your Gift-Giving List]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Tea-Gift-Baskets-Perfect-for-Anyone-on-Your-Gift-Giving-List/ Do you have someone in your life that you have the hardest time shopping for? Chances are good that if you are like many others, you have at least five people who leave you stumped when their birthday or a holiday comes around. What do you buy someone who has it all? You could give an expensive bottle of wine, but then the gift is gone in one night, and they probably had to share too! Well, why not opt for tea gift baskets?

Why Gift Tea Gift Baskets Are Great Gifts

  • Can’t Go Wrong – Tea gift baskets will be loved by nearly anyone! If the person you are shopping for is already a tea drinker, they will appreciate the quality of Zhi Tea leaves. If they have never indulged in a cup of quality tea in their life, it will only take one sip for them to realize they have been truly missing out.
  • Long-Lasting – A tea basket will last for a while. The great thing about this is that every time they have a cup, they will think of you.
  • Thoughtful – Anyone can buy a gift certificate or flowers; ordering a basket shows that you actually put some thought into the gift, which means a lot!
  • Healthy – Tea is good for you! Why not give something that will contribute to their overall well-being?


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<![CDATA[5 Oolong Tea Recommendations to Get You Started]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/5-Oolong-Tea-Recommendations-to-Get-You-Started/ Have you just recently developed a fondness for tea? Are you ready to venture away from the basics to appreciate a little more complex flavor? Oolong tea is a great place to start. Many people are under the impression that oolong is a flavor when in actuality it is a type of tea--a category that offers a multitude of exciting flavors.

Are you looking at the selection we have available here at Zhi Tea and feeling a little overwhelmed? Why not start with some of our top-recommended flavors?

Top-Rated Oolong Tea

Now keep in mind that just because a flavor of oolong tea is not rated at all or one person wasn’t overjoyed by it does not mean that it won’t become your favorite. These are simply some recommendations to get you started, in case you just don’t know where to begin.

  1. Frozen Summit Tung Tea – This fantastic tea was taken in April 2012 from a small artisan farm located in Nantou, Taiwan. Over several steepings, you will find that the perfect roasted flavor reveals itself more and more.
  2. Ginseng Oolong – Before drying the leaves, they were rolled with American ginseng. It was grown pesticide-free in China at 2,400 feet, and offers a subtle ginseng finish.
  3. Jade Mountain Yu Shan – This is a smooth tea you won’t be able to get enough of. Honeysuckle and floral notes are prevalent, but steep after steep, more flavors are revealed.
  4. Royal Courtesan – If you really want to treat yourself to an indulgence, you should satisfy your taste buds with this rare flavor. Wildflower notes and clover honey sweetness blend harmoniously for a deep and complex yet refined flavor.
  5. Aged Cooling 2004 – To enhance its already wonderful flavors, this 2004 Grade AA tea has been roasted or refired periodically. It is silky, warm, and fragrant, and certainly one that will impress your guests, if you choose to share.

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<![CDATA[The Perfect Tea Maker makes the perfect gift]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/The-Perfect-Tea-Maker-makes-the-perfect-gift/  

If you are looking for a unique and innovative gift for someone who loves their tea, the Perfect Tea Maker is an excellent choice, as this is something that any tea lover can appreciate and make use of. With this handy tea maker the user will be able to enjoy the perfect beverage every time – a beautifully made, refined, well steeped copy of tea that is bursting with flavor.

Treat yourself to the Perfect Tea Maker

The Perfect Tea Maker not only makes a perfect gift for someone else – it is also something that can make a valuable addition to your own kitchen, so you can enjoy treating yourself to a gadget that will provide you with the perfect cup of tea time after time. This is an extremely easy to use tea maker, which enables you to make a fabulous cup of tea without any fuss or inconvenience, making it a great tool for any lover of fine tea.

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<![CDATA[Green tea gifts are perfect no matter what the occasion]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Green-tea-gifts-are-perfect-no-matter-what-the-occasion/  

Trying to find different gifts to suit different occasions can be a task and a half for some people, particularly for someone who already has most of the things that they need. However, if the person you are buying for is a keen tea drinker, you will find one type of gift that is perfect no matter what the occasion. Green tea gifts will be appreciated by any lover of fine teas and can be presented for all sorts of occasions.

Present someone special with practical and delicious green tea gifts

It's always nice to give someone a gift that they will really use and appreciate, which is where green tea gifts can prove ideal. These gifts are perfect for lovers of fine, refined tea, and they will offer practical benefits as well as represent thoughtfulness on your part, as it shows that you looked for something that the recipient would enjoy and find useful.

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<![CDATA[Choosing the right gifts for tea lovers]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Choosing-the-right-gifts-for-tea-lovers/  

A lot of people these days tend to think of specialist gifts for special people in their lives. With this in mind, a great idea to buy those who love their tea would be, of course, tea related gifts. There are some great gifts for tea lovers available these days, which means that you will be able to buy a tailored, specialist gift that the recipient is certain to be delighted with. All you have to do is work out which of the tea related gifts will best suit the tastes and preferences of the person you are buying for.

Find all sorts of great gifts for tea lovers at Zhi Tea

At Zhi Tea you will find a huge range of fabulous gifts for tea lovers, so you find something to suit the needs of the recipient perfectly. You can choose from high quality tea ware that is perfect for the kitchen of any tea lover, tea club memberships for fresh supplies of unique teas, and even beautifully presented gift baskets packed with tea related delights.

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<![CDATA[Buy your tea wholesale from a quality retailer]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Buy-your-tea-wholesale-from-a-quality-retailer/  

If you run a business where you serve tea to clients or customers, the chances are that you want to be able to give your clients/customers a refined and high quality tea rather than insult their taste buds with low quality products. However, as a business you will also naturally want to keep your costs down. This means looking for a quality yet affordable tea specialist retailer where you can buy your tea wholesale, enabling you to get quality and affordability.

Let Zhi Tea provide you with high quality tea wholesale

When you buy your tea wholesale from Zhi Tea, you will be able to enjoy excellent quality teas that will delight your customers and clients. You will find a huge range of teas that you can enjoy when you come here, with something to suit all tastes and preferences. You can also enjoy the peace of mind that we offer organically grown, handpicked teas that will be a real treat to the palate.

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<![CDATA[Treat someone to the delights of green tea gifts]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Treat-someone-to-the-delights-of-green-tea-gifts/  

There are many people who love to enjoy the refreshing, unique taste of green tea. If you know someone who enjoys this beverage you can enjoy treating them to the delights of green tea gifts when a special occasion rolls around – or simply as a treat for them. When you buy these gifts for green tea lovers, you know that you will be giving something that they will truly appreciate and enjoy.

Choose affordable green tea gifts from Zhi Tea

At Zhi Tea you will find a great variety of tea related gifts, including some wonderful yet affordable green tea gifts that can be given for any occasion. All you need to do is work out which gift you want to give and then enjoy seeing the recipient's face when you present it to them. You will also find that these gifts are inexpensive, which means that you benefit as well as the person you are buying for.

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<![CDATA[Choose gift baskets tea lovers can savour and enjoy]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Choose-gift-baskets-tea-lovers-can-savour-and-enjoy/  

When you are looking for gift baskets tea lovers will appreciate, it is important to think about what sorts of things that person enjoys or whether you think they may like to sample new teas and beverages. Some tea lovers stick steadfastly to a particular type of tea whereas others will be keen to try new things. You can base your choice of gift basket on which group the person you are buying for falls into, either choosing a basket with teas that they already love and appreciate or choosing one with a range of new things for them to try.

Consider custom gift baskets for tea lovers

If you want to cover all bases, you can look at opting for custom gift baskets tea lovers can enjoy. By opting for this, you can ensure that their gift basket contains a combination of their favourite products as well as some new teas and products for them to enjoy.

Mon, 19 Mar 2012 17:13:52 +0000
<![CDATA[Choosing the right tea gift baskets]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Choosing-the-right-tea-gift-baskets/  

Tea is a drink that many people love to drink and for many the experience entailed trying a range of different teas and widening their tastes when it comes to this beverage. For those who love their tea, receiving one of the variety of tea gift baskets on the market today can be a great way to enable them to try a range of different teas – and for those buying the gift, this choice of gift baskets means that they can treat someone special to a diverse and enjoyable tea drinking experience.

Readymade or custom tea gift baskets?

You can choose from both ready prepared and custom tea gift baskets these days, enabling you to make the perfect choice when buying this sort of gift. If you are unsure as to what to choose for the basket, a pre-prepared one could be ideal. If, however, you have specific ideas about what you want to include, you can opt for a custom basket to tailor make your gift.

Tue, 13 Mar 2012 17:19:12 +0000
<![CDATA[Choose from a great selection of tea gifts for all occasions]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Choose-from-a-great-selection-of-tea-gifts-for-all-occasions/  

We all know what it's like when a birthday, Christmas or other special occasion rolls around and there are people that we simply cannot work out what to buy. Well, if the person you are struggling with loves to drink tea then you may want to consider opting for one of a wide range of great tea gifts that are suitable for any occasion and will delight any tea lover.

Enjoy giving something special with tea gifts

Tea gifts offer something special for a number of reasons. First off, they are the perfect choice for those who love their tea, and will be far more appreciated than a thoughtless gift that they do not need or particularly want. Secondly, they are very practical gifts and whether you buy the tea itself or products relating to tea, most tea lovers will be delighted to receive them. 

Mon, 12 Mar 2012 17:17:16 +0000
<![CDATA[The affordable way to enjoy oolong green tea]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/The-affordable-way-to-enjoy-oolong-green-tea/  

More and more people have realized the benefits of oolong green tea over recent years, with many others enjoying this drink because of its unique flavor. Of course, enjoying a range of different teas can end up being costly, as the cost of buying different teas can quickly add up. However, you can get some great deals on different types of oolong tea, enabling you to experiment and enjoy your favorite teas the affordable way.

Get a great deal on oolong green tea from Zhi Tea

At Zhi Tea you can look forward to an affordable way to enjoy oolong green tea, as we offer this and a range of other delicious, high quality teas at highly competitive prices. You can therefore look forward to quality and taste coupled with low prices and fast, convenient delivery. This makes it easier and cheaper to enjoy the taste and health benefits of oolong tea.

Wed, 07 Mar 2012 20:49:23 +0000
<![CDATA[Treat your taste buds to the refreshing taste of oolong green tea]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Treat-your-taste-buds-to-the-refreshing-taste-of-oolong-green-tea/  

We all love to treat our taste buds to something unique now and again, and if you are a lover of fine teas and refreshing beverages, indulging in some high quality oolong green tea is the perfect way to do this. This tea boasts unique flavour, intense refreshment, and even a host of health benefits, making it the ideal option for those who want tea with a unique twist.

Try out the high quality oolong green tea from Zhi Tea

When you try out the high quality oolong green tea from Zhi Tea you will be delighted with the quality and flavor that you get to enjoy. You can truly treat your taste buds when you try out this tea, which will make your daily cuppa into something that you can really look forward to. Organically grown and handpicked, our delicious tea is an excellent choice for refined refreshment with an added health boost.

Tue, 28 Feb 2012 17:48:14 +0000
<![CDATA[Tea gift baskets are perfect for all occasions]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Tea-gift-baskets-are-perfect-for-all-occasions/  

There are many different gifts that you can consider buying for someone who loves their tea, from membership to tea clubs through to practical and stylish tea ware. Another option you can consider is one of a range of beautifully presented tea gifts baskets that are available, as these will prove perfect for any occasion and will be certain to delight any lover of fine teas.

Choose from a range of Zhi Tea gift baskets

When you choose tea gift baskets from Zhi Tea you will be able to present a loved one with the perfect gift for any occasion, making it easier to purchase a suitable gift and providing something that is both practical and pleasing. You will find a range of gift basket choices to suit different needs and budgets, which means that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

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<![CDATA[Get a great deal when you buy your tea wholesale online]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Get-a-great-deal-when-you-buy-your-tea-wholesale-online/  

If you want to buy tea wholesale, the easiest and quickest way to go about it is usually online. When you buy wholesale tea online you can usually enjoy great value for money, an excellent choice of teas and great quality to suit your needs, tastes and preferences. You will also get to enjoy ease and convenience when it comes to ordering the tea of your choice as well as when it comes to delivery.

Buy high quality tea wholesale from Zhi Tea

No matter what your needs, you can look forward to buying a range of high quality tea wholesale when you buy from Zhi Tea. There are all sorts of choices available but one thing that all of these teas have in common is the high quality that you can expect coupled with refined flavour and refreshing taste.

Mon, 20 Feb 2012 17:17:24 +0000
<![CDATA[The benefits of buying tea gifts]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/The-benefits-of-buying-tea-gifts/  

If you know someone who is a lover of fine teas, there are many benefits to opting for tea gifts for a special treat for them. These gifts offer a practical solution for those who want to buy something special as a gift. At the same time, these gifts come beautifully presented and will delight any tea lover. So, when you give these gifts to the tea lover in your life you can provide them with something that they will really appreciate and that will really come in useful.

Enjoy the choice of tea gifts from Zhi Tea

You will be able to enjoy a choice of great tea gifts from Zhi Tea, which means that you can give something really special that will be perfect for any occasion. You will also be able to buy tea gifts designed to suit a range of budgets, making this the affordable way to give a special yet practical gift.

Thu, 16 Feb 2012 18:17:27 +0000
<![CDATA[Finding the right gifts for tea lovers]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Finding-the-right-gifts-for-tea-lovers/  

Buying gifts for tea lovers has become easier and easier for those who want to buy something special, as these days it is possible to choose from a range of specialist gifts designed to delight any tea lover. The wide range of tea gifts means that you can give tea lovers something that is practical, enjoyable and very much appreciated, not to mention being suitable to give for any occasion.

Choose gifts for tea lovers from Zhi Tea

When you choose gifts for tea lovers from Zhi Tea you will be able to enjoy great choice, beautifully presented gifts, and competitive pricing, which means that the whole process of purchasing a gift becomes easier and more convenient. You will be able to enjoy choosing from a great selection of gifts, which will enable someone special to savour the taste of fine tea and enjoy the practicality of a tea related gift.  


Wed, 15 Feb 2012 18:12:52 +0000
<![CDATA[Choose from a range of gift baskets tea lovers will appreciate]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Choose-from-a-range-of-gift-baskets-tea-lovers-will-appreciate/  

If you want to buy something special for the person in your life who loves their tea, then consider one of the range of gifts baskets tea lovers will truly appreciate. People who love to savour their tea always enjoy receiving tea related gifts as they provide something that is both practical and enjoyable, often enabling them to experience new tastes as well as to enjoy tried and tested ones.

Enjoy a choice of Zhi Tea gift baskets tea lovers can enjoy

If you want to present someone special with a beautifully presented tea gift basket tea lovers will really love to receive, you will find a great choice available from Zhi Tea. In addition to being able to enjoy a choice of fabulous gift tea baskets, you will also be able to look forward to competitive pricing making it even more affordable to buy a special gift for the tea lover in your life.

Mon, 13 Feb 2012 18:07:49 +0000
<![CDATA[Tea gifts offer the perfect solution]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Tea-gifts-offer-the-perfect-solution/  

If you are struggling to think of a gift for someone you know, there is a simple solution if they are lovers of fine tea. The range of tea gifts available these days makes it easier for people to buy something that is perfectly suited, beautifully presented, yet highly practical without having to spend a fortune. These gifts are perfect for all occasions and perfect for anyone that loves a refined cup of tea.

Browse the tea gifts at Zhi Tea

If you are planning to buy a tea related product as a gift for someone you know, you can browse a range of tea gifts from Zhi Tea. You will be able to get some great ideas and inspiration from the variety of tea related gifts on offer and you can also find the perfect gift at an affordable price, relieving you of the hassle of trying to think of something to buy that will be appreciated by the recipient.

Wed, 08 Feb 2012 20:47:20 +0000
<![CDATA[Savour the taste of oolong loose tea]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Savour-the-taste-of-oolong-loose-tea/  

These days there are many different types and variations of tea to enjoy, which is great news for anyone who loves the refreshing and wonderful taste of a fine and refined tea. One of the best ways to enjoy tea, especially if you have only ever tried tea bags in the past, is to enjoy loose tea. You can get a range of different loose teas that will leave your cup brimming with flavour and taste, including oolong loose tea, which offers great taste and health benefits.

Enjoy Zhi Tea's oolong loose tea

If you want to try oolong loose tea that comes with superb quality and great tastes, look no further than Zhi Tea. We offer a variety of fabulous loose teas that will please any palette and will enable you to enjoy the delicious and refined taste at an affordable price.

Wed, 01 Feb 2012 20:36:21 +0000
<![CDATA[Give someone the gift of a Perfect Tea Maker]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Give-someone-the-gift-of-a-Perfect-Tea-Maker/  

As any tea lover will tell you, there is nothing quite like a lovely cup of tea to perk you up, calm you down and make you feel refreshed and relaxed all at the same time. However, if you don't want to brew a whole pot of tea just how can you enjoy the perfect cup of freshly brewed tea? One solution is to use the Perfect Tea Maker, a wonderful product that makes the ideal gift for any tea lover.

Savour the taste of tea made with the Perfect Tea Maker

The quality and taste of the tea that comes from the Perfect Tea Maker is something that any tea lover will truly appreciate. This tea maker enables anyone to make a perfect cuppa in next to no time, so there is no need to waste tea or resort to bland tea bags if you only want to make one cup!

Mon, 30 Jan 2012 20:32:16 +0000
<![CDATA[Buying gifts for tea lovers online]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Buying-gifts-for-tea-lovers-online/  

There are many people who find it difficult to buy gifts for loved ones simply because they do not know what to get. However, if the person in your life loves tea you can buy them something that is practical yet makes a wonderful gift in the form of specialist gifts for tea lovers. What's more, you can enjoy the convenience and ease of purchasing these gifts with speed and convenience from the comfort of your own home by going online.

Choose from a range of gifts for tea lovers from Zhi Tea

When you buy online from Zhi Tea you will be able to choose from a variety of wonderful gifts for tea lovers with something to suit any lover of fine tea. You will find everything from superbly arranged tea gift baskets to tea ware and accessories, so you can really go to town and present them with something that they will really love and will find extremely useful or practical at the same time.

Tue, 24 Jan 2012 20:23:29 +0000
<![CDATA[Buy oolong tea for unique taste and refined refreshment]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Buy-oolong-tea-for-unique-taste-and-refined-refreshment/  

For many people, having a nice cup of tea is the perfect way to relax and with the wide range of teas available these days there is something to suit most tastes and preferences. Often, those who want to enjoy unique taste and refined refreshment buy oolong tea, which offers some fine qualities and a wonderful taste that will really treat your palate.

Enjoy added health benefits when you buy oolong tea

When you buy oolong tea you also get to enjoy a range of health benefits thanks to the antioxidants in this tea. This means that you get to savour the wonderful taste of this tea whilst also aiding your health. You can choose from a variety of oolong tea flavours too, which makes it even easier to find the perfect tea to suit your tastes and preferences without compromising on the health benefits that this wonderful drink can offer.

Mon, 23 Jan 2012 20:17:01 +0000
<![CDATA[Is there an Oolong Green Tea Available?]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Is-there-an-oolong-green-tea-available/  

There is actually nothing called an oolong green tea.  These are two different varieties of tea and offer different flavors.  The oolong has a wider range of flavors, ranging from a sweet fruity flavor to a woodier roasted flavor.  Green tea is the tea that has a more consistent flavor because it has higher levels of flavonoids, which contribute to the final taste of the tea.  Many people confuse these two teas, but they have very different flavors and should each be enjoyed individually.

I have tried Oolong, is Green Tea Different?

Depending on the type of oolong, green tea may offer you a more traditional tea flavor.  This type of tea is the traditional tea for many parts of the east and has only moved into the west in recent years.  You should always purchase a small amount of any tea to sample before you make a large purchase.  There is nothing worse than spending money on tea that you do not enjoy and will never drink.

Thu, 12 Jan 2012 20:17:43 +0000
<![CDATA[Get the perfect cup of tea with the Perfect Tea Maker]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/get-the-perfect-cup-of-tea-with-the-Perfect-Tea-Maker/  

Most people love nothing more than a lovely cup of tea first thing in the morning, during a midday break, or when they get back from work in the evening. For those who enjoy the exceptional taste of loose tea, making that perfect cup of tea has never been easier with the help of the revolutionary and innovative Perfect Tea Maker. With this tea maker, you can get the perfect cup of tea for one, so there is no waste and no tea left to go cold – just one steaming cup of refreshing and delicious tea.


How the Perfect Tea Maker works


It couldn’t be easier to make that ultimate cup of tea for one with the Perfect Tea Maker. All you have to do is pop the loose tea and hot water into the tea maker, and allow it to steep for the recommended time. Then, you simply place it over a mug and let the refreshing, hot, perfectly made tea release. This is a tea maker that is sturdy, high quality, and built to last, so you can keep on enjoying those perfect cups of tea without any hassle.

Fri, 30 Dec 2011 19:55:11 +0000
<![CDATA[Tea Gift Baskets: Unique and Personal Present]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/tea-gift-baskets-unique-and-personal-present/  

Nothing beats a message of love and good health through presents like tea gift baskets, for the person close to your heart. Your gift is unique, because tea provides health benefits that will make the life of the recipient better and longer. When you put together their favorite tea and other items in the basket, you are adding a personal touch to it.  Be creative and express how much the person in your life means to you. If the tea gift basket is for your parents, you might want to include a card and tell your mom and dad how thankful you are for having the greatest parents in the world. Give your love ones a tea to drink everyday and a basket of health, love and joy that they’ll remember for a lifetime.


Choose the Best Tea in the Tea Gift Baskets

Do you know the favorite tea of the person who will receive your tea gift baskets? If not, you can choose from our selection of white, green, black, rooibos and herbal teas. We also have tea wares and tea clubs. Just to give you an idea, our Dragon Phoenix-Jasmine Pearls green tea is a customer favorite. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease, breast, and prostate cancer, as well as the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. This type of tea is beneficial for older folks and they will surely love it. Here at www.zhitea.com, we guarantee that all our teas are high quality.

Tue, 06 Dec 2011 20:09:38 +0000
<![CDATA[Green Tea: Gifts You Can Give in Any Occasion]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/green-tea-gifts-you-can-give-in-any-occasion/ Do you know that tea gifts are becoming increasingly popular? People appreciate the thought behind every tea gift basket, which is the gift of health. Even if you don’t express it verbally, the gift automatically communicates the message. Many people are now aware that tea, particularly oolong green tea, is proven to increase your metabolism and reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and obesity. If someone you know is celebrating a birthday, a green tea gift basket is perfect.

Custom Tea Gifts Available at Zhi Tea

Creating your custom tea gifts is easy. At Zhi Tea, all you have to do is choose the size of your basket, the types of tea you would like to include. You can also add some tea wares or tea club in your basket, and we will arrange and wrap it perfectly for the occasion. You can customize your tea gifts, or you can choose between the $35 and $60 Tea Lover’s gift baskets. You can browse all our tea products at www.zhitea.com. If you have questions, please call 1-888-944-4832.

Fri, 02 Dec 2011 19:53:51 +0000
<![CDATA[Become a Zhi Tea Wholesale Partner]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/become-wholesale-partner/ If you are looking sell tea wholesale at a teahouse, spa, hotel, or other business, it’s best to choose a supplier of premium loose leaf tea like Zhi Tea. At Zhi Tea you can purchase nearly every variety of tea you may be interested in including white, green, oolong, black, rooibos, flavored tea and more. Once you choose to become a Zhi Tea Wholesale partner, you will see their passion and dedication to what they do reflect in their customer service as well as their superior loose leaf tea.

Get Tea Wholesale from Zhi Tea

Nearly all of the loose leaf teas from Zhi Tea are handpicked and processed, to provide you with the freshest, most flavorful tea. If you are still new to tea, they offer a variety of resources to learn the proper steeping methods as well as education on the health benefits of drinking tea.

Fri, 25 Nov 2011 07:08:13 +0000