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All lovers and drinkers of fine tea will be appreciative of any tea related gifts that they receive, but what sorts of things should you choose as gifts for tea lovers? Of course, the last thing you want to do is present someone special with a box of teabags for a special occasion! However, there are plenty of beautifully presented and very practical gifts that all tea lovers will be delighted with.

Some of the products you can buy as gifts for tea lovers

At Zhi Tea you will find a wide range of great gifts for tea lovers, which means that you will always be able to find something that is well suited and will be delightfully received. This includes memberships to tea clubs, specialist teas for a loved one to try, fabulous tea ware for the perfect drink every time, and wonderfully presented tea gifts baskets for a really stunning gift.

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<![CDATA[Cost effective tea gift baskets for all occasions]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Cost-effective-tea-gift-baskets-for-all-occasions/  

If you know someone who is a lover of fine teas, you are lucky in that you will never be stuck for buying a gift for any occasion. All tea lovers will be delighted with the range of fabulous tea gift baskets you can get today, which enables them to enjoy a variety of fine teas, enjoy their classic favourites and even experience new teas that they may not have tried in the past.

Get a choice of tea gift baskets from Zhi Tea

You will enjoy a range of tea gift baskets from Zhi Tea, which makes it easier for you to find the perfect and practical gift for the tea lover in your life. You can choose from both pre-made and custom baskets, so you can be certain that the recipient will be able to get a selection of teas that he or she is certain to enjoy. Best of all, these baskets are ideal gifts for any occasion, so no matter why you are buying the gift you will find that this is a perfect choice. 

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<![CDATA[Treat your taste buds and boost your health with green oolong tea]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/Treat-your-taste-buds-and-boost-your-health-with-green-oolong-tea/  

Tea lovers often have a range of different tastes when it comes to drinking tea, and with a variety of different teas available these days those who enjoy this drink can experience a diverse array of fine teas and tastes to tantalise their taste buds. With green oolong tea you get to enjoy unique refreshment and taste coupled with the chance to boost your health through the rich antioxidants contained within the tea.

Enjoy quality green oolong tea from Zhi Tea

At Zhi Tea you can enjoy a choice of teas to tempt your taste buds, including organically grown and handpicked green oolong tea. Savour the taste of this tea and boost your health at the same time. Whether you are buying the tea for yourself or for a loved one, you can also enjoy getting competitive prices on your oolong tea when you shop at Zhi Tea.

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<![CDATA[We offer several different Gifts for Tea Lovers]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/we-offer-several-different-Gifts-for-tea-lovers/  

Besides carrying some of the best tasting teas available, we also carry a wide variety of gifts for tea lovers.  You can purchase our Perfect Tea Maker that lets you enjoy a great cup of tea anywhere.  You can also get our stainless steel infusers that let you steep loose-leaf teas without the need for extra strainers.  We even have paper tea filters that let you have the convenience of tea bags but use high quality loose-leaf tea.

The highest rated Gifts for Tea Lovers

All of our gifts for tea lovers are rated by our customers and they all have a five-leaf rating.  This shows you the quality of our products and reveals how our clients feel about our items.  We have everything from teapots to the perfect tea spoons that let you measure the correct amount of loose leaf tea for every cup.

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<![CDATA[Can I purchase Tea Gift Baskets for Special Occasions?]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/can-I-purchase-tea-gift-baskets-for-special-occasions/  

We offer a full set of tea gift baskets for any occasion.  We can even create a custom basket that only contains the specific items your recipient likes.  You can combine black tea with green in the same basket and include accessories such as the perfect tea maker and a timer to insure perfect steeping time.  Our gift baskets are priced based upon what they contain, so you will never be paying for something in a basket that no one wants and that will never be used.

I do not know that to get in my Tea Gift Baskets

If you are not sure that the person likes, then you can order one of our pre-packaged tea gift baskets.  These include the items that are most popular with our customers and also include samples of different teas.  You can choose which samples to include, which lets you introduce your friends and family to your favorite tea without wasting an entire order on an item they may not like.

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<![CDATA[Award Winning Red Teas ]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/award-winning-red-teas/  

Best Gifts for Tea Lovers


Choosing the best gifts for tea lovers can be challenging sometimes, especially if your recipients are knowledgeable about different types of teas. We all know that the most popular tea is the oolong green tea, because of its many health benefits backed by scientific research. Do you know that red teas also provide health benefits? If you haven’t heard, red tea is rich in magnesium, which is good in improving the nervous system. It also helps the body to absorb iron. Additionally, it helps people suffering from nervous tension and mild depression. You can wrap a basket full of award winning red tea from Zhi Tea. The tea lovers in your life will surely love it.



The Sweet Desert Delight

One of the Best Gifts for Tea Lovers


If a tea is considered a consumer’s choice and award winning, don’t doubt it. You can count that as one of the best gifts for tea lovers. Zhi Tea’s Signature Blend Sweet Desert Delight is highly popular among tea enthusiasts, because it provides a full-bodied and natural sweet taste, with a wonderful aroma that awakens the senses.


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<![CDATA[Christmas Dinner with the Tea Priestess & Dr. Oolong]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/christmas-tea-dinner/ Jeffrey & I will be having Christmas Dinner together today.  Celebrating our friendship, love and another year of Zhi Tea.

Wishes to everyone on this day.

May Joy Peace & Love be your path ahead for 2010.

Today's Menu

Tea Priestesses Terrific Tea-brined Turkey & Roasted Chestnut stuffing
with Heavenly Orange Blossom Oolong Cranberry Sauce;
Roasted Squash, Red Potatoes with Travis Heights fresh herbs;
Suzi's Kitchen Szechuan Green Beans

Dr. Oolong's best in class Apple Pie

All Day Nibbles
Gingerbread angels;  Chocolate/Pecan hard cookies
Assorted imported cheeses and crackers


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<![CDATA[Zhi Tea Looking Back]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/zhi-tea-looking-back/ Looking back on 2009......

Mon, 21 Dec 2009 21:09:09 +0000
<![CDATA[New Zhi Videos!]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/new-videos/ New VideosCheck out all of our new videos on the website.

Everything from Tea 101 to the History of Tea to investigating Tea Types.

To View them all Click here

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<![CDATA[Tea and Chocolate Pairing]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/tea-and-chocolate/ Blissed Out ChocolatesZhi Tea will be pairing up with Austin's own Blissed Out Chocolates for an afternoon of tea and chocolate pairing. This class (or a version thereof) was the most highly attended and rated class at the World Tea Expo. I was there and it was amazing so I decided to do a version of it here at the Zhi Tea Gallery.

Of all the chocolate companies in Austin, I decided on Blissed Out. Erika, who runs the company has similar values as we do; quality, sustainability, beauty, and a strong grass-roots local focus. And, of course, her chocolates are amazing.

So we decided to do a pairing class of 5 of our teas with 5 of her chocolates. This will be a fun, tasty, and totally interactive class.

Cost is $15 and includes all your teas and chocolates. Admission also entitles you to discounts on tea and chocolate gifts for the Holidays if you so choose.

Seating is very limited, so don't wait!

Blissed Out Chocolate is local Austin company dedicated to brining the purest, most bliss inducing dark chocolate to the world. We specialize in organic gourmet gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, raw chocolates. Raw cacao, the main ingredient in all Blissed Out chocolates is one of the world's most nutrient dense foods. Vast arrays of these nutrients are destroyed during the conventional chocolate making process. They hand craft each small batch in such a way that ensures the 300+ enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals remain intact.

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<![CDATA[Zhi Tea Events 2009]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/zhi-tea-events-2009/ It has been a very successful year for Zhi regarding Events in the Austin, TX area.....

Tue, 01 Dec 2009 21:03:28 +0000
<![CDATA[Austin Tea Festival]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/austin-tea-festival/ Zhi Tea StorefrontWe are excited to be hosting the Second Annual Edible Austin Tea Festival right here on the grounds of the Zhi Tea Gallery in East Austin SATURDAY 5th December from 10a-2p.

We will be joined by eight other local tea purveyors; Barefoot Botanicals, Jade Leaves, Sesa, Steeping Room, Sweet Leaf, Tea Embassy, Texas Medicinals, and Buddah's Brew Kambucha. We will all be sampling our lovely varieties of fresh teas and herbal tisanes.

Also on hand will be Jesse Bloom, chef extraordinaire of Ecstatic Cuisine. Jesse will be serving an Indian themed hot lunch with help from the young folks at Urban Roots. It is sure to be amazing as all of his creations are; using local, fresh ingredients. All proceeds from the lunch will go to Urban Roots.

10% of all sales at the Zhi Tea Gallery will to to Urban Roots.

Last year the event was attended by over 400, including a substantial influx of cyclists who were en route in the Urban Farm Bicycle Tour. Both of the above mentioned events are part of a huge week-long series of events known as Eat Local Week.

The Third Annual Eat Local Week is an invitation to Central Texans to explore and celebrate the abundance of local food and to raise money for Urban Roots, a youth development program that uses sustainable agriculture as a means to transform the lives of young people and to increase the access of healthy food in Austin. 15 farm interns, ages 14-17, are hired to work from February to July, growing more than 22,000 lbs of produce every year—donating 40% of that to hunger relief and selling 60% at farmers' markets and farm stands run by the farm interns.

Edible Austin Eat Local Week will kick off on December 5 at the Austin Farmers’ Market with the City of Austin’s proclamation and with support from GO TEXAN and other Central Texas communities.

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<![CDATA[How To Make Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream]]> http://www.zhitea.com/blog/how-to-make-matcha-ice-cream/ Match Ice CreamThis is just soooo funny, had to post it here!

It is actually a great recipe for Match Ice Cream, just taught in a very Japanese Way.

Match Ice Cream with Dog is a winner.


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