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Why do people choose to drink oolong green tea despite the many type of teas available on the market today? Oolong green tea is the most popular type of tea in China and Japan, and it is considered a premium tea because of its many health benefits. In China, oolong green tea is used as medicine to control obesity. For thousands of years, Chinese people enjoyed good health and longevity. This is the main reason why many people in various parts of the world are now drinking oolong green tea regularly. If you want to beat obesity, cancer and heart disease, join the club of tea lovers.


Scientific Research and Experiments Promote Oolong Green Tea

The popularity of oolong green tea worldwide is not caused by high paid advertisements from tea suppliers. Instead, it’s the result of scientific research and experiments. Studies by various researchers in China, Japan and even in the United States proved the efficacy of drinking oolong green tea in reducing accumulated fats in our body. The chemical polyphenol, found in oolong green tea, is responsible for increasing metabolism by activating the enzyme pancreatic lipase, to break down the triglycerides in our body.  If a person has an active metabolism, he or she will maintain a healthy weight. If you want to stay healthy, make it a habit to drink premium oolong green tea. To order, just click