Kukicha Twig Tea (green tea)

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Kukicha Twig Tea

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A lovely light and smooth green tea made from toasted twigs and branches of the tea plant. Very low in caffeine, it can be drunk in the evening.

Kukicha is made from the stems, stalks, and twigs of the tea plant, and subsequently has a low caffeine content.

A gentle, calming and digestive tea with a very enticing, nutty flavor.

Greatly renowned in macrobiotic circles, and, of course, Japan where this tea originates.

2.0 oz Pouch $7.95 - 30 servings 27¢ per cup | 3.4 oz Tin $14.95 - 51 servings 29¢ per cup

Customer Reviews

  1. December 14, 2011 Review by Mary Bell

    I am a teacher and find myself completely smitten with the history and legends behind the great tea beverage. I felt the need to pass along the Kukicha story to all of the tea drinkers in the review reading audience. Kukicha comes from the tea stalks which were once thrown away until the Japanese people became frugal and adventurous. In order to use more of the tea plant, the stalks were brewed in water for a beverage with lower caffeine content. Kukicha is made from tea bush twigs that are roasted numerous times, turning them a dark brown color and adding a roasted nutty flavor. I add Kukicha to juice and serve it to my kids, a sweet touch to an earthy tea. I steep this tea for less than a minute in 170 degree water. Delicious in the morning, invigorating in the afternoon, and calming in the evening. A treat all day long.

  2. June 30, 2011 Review by J Randall Scott

    perfect green morning or late night tea; a bit more earthy & tannin focused than other greens.

  3. June 15, 2010 Review by Allie

    I LOVE this Kukicha....I'm doing the "Genotype Diet" and this is a superfood for me, and this one is totally delicious. It makes me feel full of energy even when I'm tired...weird actually....not like coffee, but energetic, young really.

    Love it, love it.

  4. May 29, 2009 Review by Shawn

    Got this as a gift and love it. Glad I finally found some organic kukicha and even better I didn't have to search for it.

  5. May 17, 2009 Review by Gary

    Perfect in every respect, the online description was impeckable A+

  6. May 17, 2009 Review by C. Hoffer

    A bit too mild for me, but I think I understand why people like this.

  7. May 13, 2009 Review by jeannette

    Twig tea is great. This is a very nice one, as good as the other guys. ;-)

  8. May 8, 2009 Review by Jason D.

    I dig how I can drink tons of this and not get over caffeinated. Kukicha rules!

  9. April 20, 2009 Review by len

    This is a very good kukicha. Fresh and toasty and light.

Water: 205-210°F | Powder: 1 tsp per 6 ounce cup | Infusion Time: 2-2.5 minutes

Basic Steeping Tips
- Use filtered or spring water, whenever possible
- Don’t over-boil water
- Remove leaves after recommended time (adjust to taste)
- If you want stronger tea, use more leaves instead of steeping for a longer time
Leaves can be re-steeped 2-3 times resulting in various flavor differences. Don’t throw out those leaves until they have given it all up!
Kukicha is made from the stems, stalks, and twigs of the tea plant, and subsequently has a low caffeine content.

Popular to Macrobiotics friends around the world. It is delicious and calming.

It is sometimes added to juices and other beverages.
Kukicha or “twig tea” is a special type of Japanese tea made with a blend of stems, stalks, and twigs. It is sometimes referred to as “winter tea” as it is harvested and processed in the fall. It is a popular drink for the wintertime and is also sometimes added to juices because of its distinct flavor.

To create the unique flavor that comes with Kukicha, the Camellia sinensis plant is trimmed after the last harvest of the fall, when the caffeine content in the plant is low. After it is picked, the plant is steamed to make it soft. Then it is left to age and dry, and finally roasted before being sent to the market.

Land is very scarce in Japan, so agriculture was a very expensive way of making a living. Japanese farmers were renowned for their ingenious ways of getting as much out of their plants as possible, which is how kukicha came into existence.

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