Temple Gunpowder No. 1 (green tea)

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pinhead gunpowder green tea

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  • 5.6 oz Tin $19.95
  • 0.8 oz Sample $3.95
  • 2.0 oz Pouch $7.95
  • 8.0 oz Pouch $18.95
  • 1.0 lb Pouch $30.95
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Classic Chinese Pinhead-sized Gunpowder made of tiny tightly-rolled grey green leaves.
Gunpowder tea or "pearl tea" is made by rolling dark green tea leaves into small pellets which resemble gunpowder.

It is a nice, strong green tea with a distinctive nutty-oak taste. A traditional favorite of meditating Buddhists (and non-Buddhists).

The cup is deep amber with a slightly fruity, smoky-spicy flavor. Medium astringency which can be fully mediated with a shorter steeping time, if so desired. Makes a very good iced tea - try with mint and agave nectar!

Also called "Temple of Heaven gunpowder" this is the highest grade Gunpowder available and responds well to a short steep. Can be resteeped.

2.0 oz Pouch $7.95 - 30 servings 27¢ per cup | 5.6 oz Tin $19.95 - 84 servings 24¢ per cup

Other Names: Gun Powder, Lo Chu Ch’a, Zhu Cha, Temple of Heaven Gunpowder.

Customer Reviews

  1. September 6, 2012 Review by Jadxia

    This is a great all-around tea. It's the quintessence of tea. I drink this more than any other and the quality from Zhi Tea is astounding.

  2. June 7, 2009 Review by jim

    Fantastic Gun Powder tea from China.

  3. April 10, 2009 Review by steven h.

    Organic Gun Powder. FINALLY! Great tea.

  4. March 9, 2009 Review by Kareen

    Good tea, had better.

  5. February 20, 2009 Review by ellie

    This is a special tea, very simple and fullfilling.

  6. March 15, 2008 Review by Naomi

    Thank you Zhi for the nice quality sample of this tea.

  7. January 29, 2008 Review by Ryan

    Good GP. I like that it is organic, too.

  8. December 22, 2007 Review by gina

    The best of the best

  9. November 24, 2007 Review by adam

    Nice strong gun powder tea. A quick steep yields a crazy good cup.

  10. November 7, 2007 Review by Ericka

    Daily driunker here of this tea.

Hint: A short steep yields superb results.

Water: 195°F | Leaves: 1 tsp per 6 ounce cup | Infusion Time: 1.5-2 minutes

Basic Steeping Tips
- Use filtered or spring water, whenever possible
- Don’t overboil water
- Remove leaves after recommended time (adjust to taste)
- If you want stronger tea, use more leaves instead of steeping for a longer time
Leaves can be resteeped 2-3 times resulting in various flavor differences. Don’t throw out those leaves until they have given it all up!
Green tea has been researched a great deal over the last 20 years. Results indicate that the catechins in green tea are responsible for a lowered risk of heart disease, lowered risk of cancer (especially prostate and breast), and potential reduction in onset of Alzeheimer's.
Gunpowder tea production dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD). In China, Gunpowder tea is known by various names, such as pinyin and zhucha. The origin of the English name may have stemmed from the Chinese term for freshly brewed, “gang pao de,” which sounds much like the English word “gunpowder”. Another theory is that the English name rose from the fact that the grey-green tea leaves are tightly rolled into tiny pellets and “explodes” into a long leaf when steeped. The tea is now principally produced in the Zhejiang Province of China.

Today, the process of making gunpowder tea is highly automated; however, the highest quality of the tea is still hand-rolled. Rolling allows the tea leaves to be less susceptible to damage, allowing the leaves to retain more of their flavor and aroma. The shinier gunpowder pellets indicate higher quality and freshness, whereas the pellets that are not are usually older and of lesser quality. Also, the smaller and tighter the pellet is, the higher the quality is.

Temple Gunpowder is one of the various varieties of Gunpowder tea out there. It is the original and most common variety of Gunpowder out there – it has larger pearls, stronger color, and a more aromatic infusion. Other varieties of Gunpowder include Formosa Gunpowder which is produced in Taiwan near Keelung and Ceylong Gunpowder from Sri Lanka.

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