Iced Tea - A New Beginning

[Zhi Tea: 12th June, 2009]

Iced tea, an American invention more than 100 years old, is new again.

Iced tea has been the staple beverage in the Southern US for over 100 years and now it seems that the rest of the country is catching on. Bottled ready-to-drink teas abound in every corner convenience story to the gourmet health shops and the national chains. 

Now what most folks don't know is that may of these offerings contain little to no actual, real tea! While they might be refreshing at times, make no mistake, many bottles labelled tea are not necessarily so.

There are currently no standards by the FDA as to what constitutes tea in a pre-made drink. So people are left to scour labels to get their information, if they can.

The best way to ensure quality and healthy iced tea is to brew it yourself, of course, using organic loose leaf tea leaves. It is an inexpensive way to supply the whole family with a healthy drink that is refreshing and tastes great!

Oolongs make fantastic iced tea, as do the traditional black teas. High quality flavored teas like plum oolong or cocounut assam
make an outstanding, naturally flavored iced tea.

Health benefits from antioxidants, quality flavors, organic loose leaf teas, refreshingly cooled on ice...this is the iced tea of the 21st century. Try some now!

-Dr. Oolong

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