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Volume 3, Issue 04
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Tea Priestess Wisdom:
"Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul."
- St. Augustine

Thank you all who have tried and praised our new blends! Stay tuned for a few more we are releasing this month.

Spring has totally sprung and we are anticipating some newly picked spring teas. This year's batch should have some great surprises as we have deepened our relationships with our growers and have access to the finest teas ever.

Our news teas, blended fresh in-house:
Ambrosia - Single Estate Org/FT White Tea leaves with coconut, pineapple and safflowers. Incredibly luscious and satisfying.
White Pear - Single Estate Org/FT White Tea leaves with apple pieces and pear flavor. Sweet and light, great over ice.
Tropical Green - Mild and sweet Org/FT Green Tea leaves with pineapple and papaya pieces and rose petals. Addicting. An all-season, all day tea.
Black Passionfruit - Hearty Org/FT Assam Black Tea leaves with calendula flowers and organic passion fruit flavor. Designed to be your new favorite iced tea, it is great straight out of the pot.
Mango Black - Hearty Org/FT Assam Black Tea leaves with org. mango pieces, calendula flowers, and org mango flavor. By popular demand. We love it.

We are truly excited to share these with you and hope you love them as much as we do. As always, all of our teas are 100% guaranteed. You love them, or we refund you or replace them. 

Give the gift of health, beauty, connection, and pause -  

Zhi Tea News
2009 Grant Recipient From TDA:
Zhi Tea is the grateful recipient of a hearty grant from the Texas Dept. of Agriculture as part of the GoTexan program that supports Texas growers and producers of agricultural products. Since you can't grow tea in Texas we were given the opportunity to apply for the grant since we produce our product in the state. We will be using our grant money for in state marketing efforts.

World News
There is a drought occurring (or just ending, actually) in some of the prime tea producing regions in India, Assam in particular.
While this may affect the initial early season pickings to a certain extent, the effects for this year's overall crops and prices are as yet unknown. READ MORE.

 Ask Dr. Oolong

Dr. Oolong, I love green tea but everyone in my family and most of my friends think I am insane. They say it is bitter and tastes like grass at best. I think they are nuts, but they won't even try it. What do I do?
-Left Alone in Minneapolis
Dear LAIM, ah yes, the old green tea connundrum. Look, next time they visit, make sure there is nothing in the house to drink except green tea. Turn off the tap if you have to! Then, make a perfect pot of your favorite green tea. Like seriously, make it perfect. You want to blow them away here. Fresh, pure water, high quality green tea (how about our new Tropical Green - a perfect intro to green tea), and steep for the right amount of time. You can also show them that it is great hot or cold. I suspect you might win some converts. If not, maybe it is time to invest in some new tea-lovin'friendships.
-Dr. O
Zhi Tea - 4607 Bolm Rd, Austin, TX 78702


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