Zhi Tea Hot August Nights


Aug 2008 - Vol.2, Issue 8 

 Gourmet Iced Tea | Zhi Tea Gallery | Boggy Creek Farm 

Well, here we are in the thick of summer. 2008. A fascinating Olympic Games looms imminently in Beijing and under 100 days until what may prove to be a landmark Presidential election. We certainly live in interesting times…   
Meanwhile it is day seventy-two of 90+ degree days here in Austin. And let me tell you, we have perfected our iced tea rituals down here in the Hill Country.   A couple gallons of heated water in a large pot on the stove, a cup of loose tea (current fave at the office is the stunning Turkish Spice Mint) steeped for a few minutes, and then set in the fridge overnight. Voila, three days worth of chilled tea. A giant glassful garnished with fresh mint and we are ready for anything!
Gourmet Iced Tea:
To experience the wonders of gourmet tea chilled or over ice, look no further! Most of our wonderful teas and original blends make superb iced tea. I’d like to recommend a few of the Summer 2008 season’s most popular iced teas.   
Turkish Spice Mint – Crisp and refreshing Herbal Blend with a nice touch of spice.
Ginger Peach Oolong – In a word, phenomenal.
Cherry Sencha – A superb light sencha green tea with subtle cherry essence.
White Pomegranate – Full flavored Indian White Tea with pomegranate. Luscious.
Coconut Assam – Rich and hearty Assam Black tea with coconut shreds. Mmmm. 
Nilgiri Black – Single Estate Black Tea from India, smooth and full flavored.
Buying tea by the pound to make iced tea is an economical approach. A pound of our tea will make about 15 gallons of iced tea. That translates to mere pennies a cup for the best tasting highest quality tea you can find.   
Zhi Tea Gallery Update  
Zhi Tea warehouse and gallery (not yet renovated)

The Zhi Tea Gallery in Austin is still coming along. Thanks to all our local patrons for their patience. The concrete floors took much longer than we thought, but are nearly done. The rest should move quickly as all other renovations are finished. Still seeking out local works of art for the Grand Opening in August and Art walk in November. Here are some renovation progress shots.
Candice staining the concrete floor

Local News - Boggy Creek Farm 
Jeffrey has been a staple at Boggy Creek Farm, a local favorite, for a over a month now. Twice a week, when the farmstand is open, Jeffrey has been running a tea stand there, next to the lavender folks.

Located just a couple blocks from the Zhi Tea Gallery, Boggy Creek Farm is an amazing organic urban farm located 5 minutes from downtown Austin. The farm has a dedicated following of several hundred folk who religiously seek out their exceptional produce as well as the assorted items brought in by sister farms in the nearby region. Many of the top chefs in the region shop here on a regular basis.  
While the tomatoes are just about gone (sob), the baby kale is pretty awesome. August looks to be a bit slowww, but production will increase in Sept and through till the end of the year. Earlier in the season the cantaloupe was mind-blowing. Jeffrey notes how wonderful it is to meet all the neighbors and to introduce new folks to the world of Zhi Tea. A great synergy there for all.
Tips and Reminders:   Oolong tea is all the rage these days, it seems. It sure is around here. Check out our Wuyi Oolong, or the always popular Orange Blossom Oolong, or for the connoisseur in you - our Artisan Line of amazing rare oolongs we have acquired from two very small organic farms in Taiwan and China.  
Oh yes, the 100 oz capacity Bodum Ceylon Iced Tea Pitcher is awesome. Check it out!    That is enough. Have a great August. See you in September.  
– Dr. Oolong
Zhi Tea Master
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