Zhi Tea Launches new Website and Iced Tea Sale

...and we're 2 years old, too.

To celebrate, we are offering
20% off pouches and pound sizes for your favorite iced teas!
Use Discount Code ICEDLAUNCH20
(Enter during Checkout, good for one week)
We built this site from scratch and frankly you may notice a few oddities while we are nitpicking through the site. Progress not perfection, I always say.
Now, we can now do cool things like have our educational and fun videos on the site, links to all our social media endeavors, less clicks for you, and a way simpler shopping cart.
For your security we have not imported any of your customer data, so please re-register yourself with our new, more secure website.
We have placed a few select teas on sale for this week that make super iced teas.
The pouch and pound sizes of these teas will all be discounted 20% for our subscribers only for one week.


Enjoy Gourmet Tea Over Ice!
Here are some new and classics that we'll have on sale for the next week. Get 'em while their hot! (and then drink 'em cold!)
20% off pouches and pound sizes for your favorite iced teas


Berry Hibiscus - Cranberries, currants, elderberries, hibiscus and rosehips. Incredibly refreshing with a nice tartness. Most popular iced tea last month! 20% off all pouches and pounds!
Black Passionfruit - Organic Assam tea leaves with real passion fruit flavor. A super easy-to-drink and incredibly refrshing iced tea. 20% off all pouches and pounds!

Ambrosia - Org/FT Indian White Tea leaves with pineapple and coconut pieces. Fast becoming a staple at the Zhi warehouse. Luscious, sexy, and refreshing. 20% off all pouches and pounds!


Tropical Green - Mild and flavorful organic sencha green tea with org pineapple and papaya pieces. This makes a nice and crisp aromatic iced tea that is fun and friendly. 20% off all pouches and pounds!






Orange Blossom Oolong - Organic Oolong Tea leaves with orange peel. Perfect over ice; crisp and refreshing with a full bodied toasty oolong. 20% off all pouches and pounds!

Zhi Tea carries a selection of beautiful Iced Teaware. Show me!
Here is how to make gourmet iced tea ...so simple! 

Zhi Tea News
We have busted our butts working on the new site.
Well, we still are actually, but it is mostly done with some fine details still needing completion.
You can order with ease right now.

Expect nice and simple changes and a very streamlined shopping cart.
Feedback is welcomed!


World News
Can Drinking Tea Lower Your Iron Absorbtion?
With its bounty of antioxidants and relatively moderate levels of caffeine, tea is one of the healthiest beverages around. But drinking tea is said to block the body's absobrtion of iron...



 Ask Dr. Oolong

Dr. Oolong, Do you use medicinal herbs? There are a bunch I am trying to find, but they are hard to come by and I don't know where to turn for the real thing?

-Herb Seeker in Seattle


Dear HSIS, The doctor is humbled to explain reveal that he is no herbalist. In fact, the humble doctor, isn't even a doctor, he only plays one on tv. But, that is beside the point. I would suggest finding a qualified herbalist in Seattle. There are many. Find one you resonate with who can eather provide you with or lead you to great, freah, organic herbs.You'll be glad you did.

Now, that said, we do creat and carry several herbal blend, but honestly they are designed with taste and the drinking experience first and foremost. Of course, we know our chamomile and lavendar based Restful Blend will help to relax you and put you to sleep, but we file that under genral knowledge, not expertise!
The humble doctor is more of an expert in, well, matters of the heart. And tea, of course.

-Dr. O

As always, all of our teas are 100% guaranteed. You love them, or we refund you or replace them. 

Let go into the beauty of the earth

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Tea Priestess Wisdom:

"Guarding with the prana the lower nest, the immortal moves away from the nest; that immortal one goes wherever he likes, the gold-gleaming genius, the solitary bird." 

- Bidra Upanishad
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