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We're Still Dancing in the Street!
Summer is indeed here and the time is right for dancing in the street!...and for some great tea over ice, Zhi style. Did you know that you can make outstanding iced tea from our organic teas?
We have chosen a few of the more popular iced teas and a few of our new ones, as well.
So crank up the music and move to the beat!
Here is how to make gourmet iced tea ...so simple! 

Zhi Tea Berry Hibiscus on ice!
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Berry Hibiscus (NEW!) - Cranberries, currants, elderberries, hibiscus and rosehips. Incredibly refreshing with a nice tartness. Most popular iced tea last month!
Orange Blossom Oolong - Organic Oolong Tea leaves with orange peel. Perfect over ice; crisp and refreshing with a full bodied toasty oolong.

More New Blends and Old Favorites!
Ambrosia (NEW!) - Org/FT Indian White Tea leaves with pineapple and coconut pieces. Fast becoming a staple at the Zhi warehouse. Luscious, sexy, and refreshing.


Tropical Green (NEW!) - Mild and flavorful sencha green tea with pineapple and papaya pieces. This makes a nice and crisp aromatic iced tea that is fun and friendly.




Moroccan Mint  - A classic. Smooth and tasty green tea with peppermint leaves. Simply refreshing and addictive.



Zhi Tea carries a selection of beautiful Iced Teaware. Show me!

As always, all of our teas are 100% guaranteed. You love them, or we refund you or replace them. 

Give the gift of health, beauty, connection, and pause -  

Zhi Tea News
Last Month:
Last month's events were fabulous! Noteably the Austin Wine Festival. After a massive tropical storm destroyed our 50x50' tent and nearly drowned all our tea, the rest of the weekend was great. We had so much fun and so many familiar faces.

Our Website:
We are changing our site! To adapt to the new world of video, blogging, and sheer simplicity, we are revamping our site at the end of this month.
Expect nice and simple changes and a very streamlined shopping cart.
Here is a sneak preview just for you!

We are working hard to ensure that the switch over is easy and seamless! (crossing fingers!)

World News
A nice article on tea freshness and health benefits:
Is that oolong you bought 10 years ago and just found hiding in the back corner of your cabinet still worth drinking? In two installments, WTN presents scientific findings and experts’ opinions on how tea age affects quality:.



 Ask Dr. Oolong


Dr. Oolong, I hate green tea! Please help! I want to love it, but it tastes like boiled aspirin. I bought some green tea at a local high-end grocery store last week to try and overcome my green tea aversion for the millionth time. I made a cup with one of the tea bags, following all the directions and it ended up tasting like crap! Help!

-Frustrated Gal in Pittsburgh


Dear FGIP, Firstly, let me say I am sorry you have yet to experience the joys of a lovely cup or pot of green tea. The good news is that the solution is right around the corner.
So, green tea. Where do we start? Green tea drinking should be enjoyable! In fact, it should be lovely, the way nature intended it to be. There are a few necessary things to keep in mind when steeping green tea for the perfect cup.
You gotta start with fresh, high quality loose tea. That is a must. Tea bag cut green tea will be stale by the time you grab it from the shelf of a grocery store. So get some loose tea from a trusted source. If you want to ensure purity, choose an organic certfied tea. Next you need to steep your leaves in the correct tempurature water. This is also critical. Boiling water will ruin your steep! Then, proper steeping time is critical. Oversteeping is a main causr of bitter tasting tea. The doc tends to steep his green teas for only 2 minutes, assuring a non-astringent cup of great tea.
So, FGIP, to summarize: Qulaity, Tempurature, and Time. Simple, yet important principals. And one can not overerestimate experimentation. Once you have the three principals, play with them! Have fun and let yourself go - into a fine cup of green tea. 500 million green tea drinkers are right there with you, every day!

-Dr. O

Zhi Tea - 4607 Bolm Rd, Austin, TX 78702

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Volume 3, Issue 06

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Upcoming Events
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Unique specials, local pickup, and iced teas galore

Pride Festival
June 6th , 4p-10p
4th and Guadalupe
lots and LOTS of Iced Tea
Tea Priestess Wisdom:

"You see things; and you say, 'Why?. But I dream things that never were; And I say, 'Why not?'" 

- George Bernard Shaw
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