Give Your Sweetie a Cool Gift for Valentines Day!

Volume 3 Issue 01

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Tea Priestess Wisdom:
"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love."

Give your sweetie the coolest gift for
Valentine's Day.
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We know you are concerned about their good health…but you know that more than anything that they just want to - 
let go and indulge!
Tea is a map straight to your lover’s heart. Warm, soothing, refreshing, indulgent, and nourishing to the very core. Imbibe the warmth and nourishment of Zhi Tea with your favorite person.
Valentines Gift Ideas!
•    Vanilla Rose Tea - Hearty Assam black tea with tiny organic rosebuds and vanilla. Subtle and bold at the same time.

•    Sweet Desert Delight - Our most popular red tea blend. Imagine a liquid macaroon full of healthy properties and no bad ones and you are getting close.
•    Custom Gift Baskets - Choose a basket size, order goodies. We fill it, wrap it, and ship it. Along with a personalized note card.
•    Alchemy Gift Collections - Beautiful Indian hardwood box filled with six travel-sized tins of fresh tea.

Give the gift of health, beauty, connection, and pause -  

Zhi Tea News
Winner or 2009 Local Hero Award:
by Edible Austin Magazine. Best Beverage Artisan! We tied with our friends the Tipsy Texans, who make the most drop-dead gorgeous original cocktails. We are very honored to win this award which was a result of a survey of Edible Austin readers.

We have created several new exciting and totally indulgent blends. Watch for their release next month!

World News
The specialty tea industry in the US is still expanding, despite the global economic downturn. What this means to you is a healthy and robust tea economy for years to come and a steady supply of top-notch tea from our source farms. 
Americans love an affordable luxury and at less than 20 cents a cup for the world’s finest tea (not counting, of course, that inescapable second steep), new simple processes for steeping loose-leaf tea, and a cornucopia of new flavors and blends, there is no stopping the wave of popularity that specialty tea is experiencing in the US.

 Ask Dr. Oolong

Dr. Oolong, my boyfriend insists on drinking coffee all day long and by the time he comes home he is so out of it I find it hard to connect with him. I tried to get him to drink tea, but he refuses. What do I do? Fed Up In Seattle
Dear FUIS, the kind doctor would like to remind you that you can’t force anyone to change. As a former coffee, um, enthusiast, it took me almost three years to wean myself off of the bean. And that was only after having to deal with several health problems as a result of my coffee habits. In your case, dear FUIS, perhaps a long massage is in order, a hot bath, and a steaming cup of tea. For you, I mean, not him. Then fix him a decaf instant coffee and tell him it is French Roast. He won’t know the difference.
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