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Volume 3 Issue 8.0

Choosing the Right Tea for You
- Beyond the health benefits, there are purely personal (and pleasurable) reasons to drink tea, and choosing the right one (or two, or three) for your particular life goals and wellness plan is something fun and rewarding to do. This is not because there is any risk involved with picking the “wrong” tea. The fact is, however, that choosing the right tea(s) will ensure that you are experiencing the most pleasure *and* the maximum possible health benefits from the beverage and its ingredients.

Choosing the right tea for you may be as simple as the change of seasons. Spring is considered the season for flower teas, summer is for green teas and autumn is a season of changes, perfect for an Oolong tea (between black and green). Cold winters are perfect for any of them!

You can also choose to drink certain teas according to the time of day. Morning time can be great for green tea because it does contain an average amount (60-70mg per cup) of caffeine. In the evening it’s nice to relax with a tasty herbal tea as they can also help relax the body after a long day. There are so many types of teas to choose from, it can be difficult at times to decide which ones are right for you. Although not based on any scientific findings, anecdotal evidence over centuries has helped some health practitioners to develop a list of teas associated with different people.

At the very least, it is an interesting exercise, trying to match yourself and your unique needs to the vast range of teas in the world, and the vast number of properties and effects that have been observed in their use.

Just for fun, try picking a tea from the following list and trying it out. In fact, try a variety of teas, at different times of day and in different settings. Chances are you will quickly discover which are best for your needs.

Office workers: Green tea
Sports lovers: Oolong tea and black tea
Those averse to sports: Green tea and white teas
Those exposed to heavy air pollution: Green tea
Smokers and drinkers: Green tea
Meat lovers: Oolong tea & Pu-Erh
Those suffering constipation: Honey in your tea
Those wanting to lose fat: Oolong tea, Pu'er tea and green tea
Those with a weak spleen and stomach: Oolong tea and flower teas
Those hoping for longevity: Oolong tea and black tea

- Jeffrey Lorien (aka Dr. Oolong) Zhi Tea
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State of the Union Address - Zhi Tea

Jeffrey Lorien
Dr. Oolong speaks of the state of specialty tea in the light of the new and changing world that we live in!

.....As we move into the fall season here, we are happy to say that our line of teas in the best we've ever had and as always we stand behind every one of them and hope you enjoy them as much as we do....

Jeffrey Lorien (aka Dr. Oolong) Zhi Tea

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Spiritual Potential in a Changing World

Candice Oneida
Overcoming uncertainty and adapting to change are two great abilities that can be learned and practiced, and adding a meditation practice to your daily routine can certainly help this. Personally, my daily meditation practice is an essential part of my daily routine that gives me the space to operate from a center of peace and joy.
So meditate, drink tea, pause and absorb the wisdom of the ages for this era of spiritual challenges and opportunities.
Candice Oneida (aka Tea Priestess) Zhi Tea

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