The Wonderful Benefits of Oolong Tea

[Zhi Tea, May 28, 2008]

Oolong teas are remarkably flavorful teas that also offer sizable health benefits for their drinkers. Oolong teas are semi-oxidized, which means that the process of oxidation is halted before the leaves have all changed color. For Oolong tea, this can be anwhere from about 15-80%, depending on the type of Oolong itself.

This semi-oxidation process helps the tea to retain a high level of nutrients and beneficial anti-oxidants that work to rid your body of dangerous free-radical chemicals that cause breakdown at the cellular level. Oolong tea provides an essential amount of Polyphenols, which are compounds that curb these free radicals, to increase blood flow, boost your immune system and the production of white blood cells, and improve the functioning of your organs. .

Oolong teas also help reduce triglycerides, which in turn prevents heart disease in many of us. Not surprisingly, extracts from this type of tea are also known for their unique effects on weight loss. They have been touted as essential obesity controlling supplements, and the nutrients found in the polyphenol compounds of Oolong tea are recognized the world over for these particular benefits. The polyphenols in oolong tea help to control obesity by activating the enzyme responsible for dissolving triglyceride (fatty deposits) and enhancing the function of fat metabolism.

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