Oolong Tea – The Taste of a New Generation

[Zhi Tea, Jan 2011]

Oolong Tea?  Have you heard of it yet? Maybe you have heard of Wu-long, the “weight-loss tea”?
Oolong and wu-long are actually the same tea, derived from the Camellia sinensis plant.

This is a type of tea that is very popular in Asia, but only now seeing serious demand here in the US.

So, why is Oolong tea the next big tea drink?  

Well, firstly it tastes great!  Secondly, it is packed with antioxidants, and third, you can drink it hot or iced, flavored or straight!

Some of the perceived difficulties people have with green tea are not to be found with oolongs. If you found strong senchas to be too to grassy or bitter for example, or if you don't care for the strength or caffeine of a black tea, you should try oolong!  Oolongs delivers a robust set of flavors while still being mild and soothing. A high quality oolong that is properly steeped should not have any harshness or bitterness. 

There are hundreds of varieties of Oolong tea, and numerous grades.  The best Oolongs come from Taiwan and China.  Oolong tea blends beautifully with fruits, spices, and natural flavors to enhance its own unique characteristics.

What does it taste like?  Nothing like green or black tea!   You can find Oolong teas that look much like a green tea or like a black tea, but they taste like neither.   One type of Oolong can have a mild and sweet or floral taste with a pale colored liquor and another can have a rich, deep or smoky taste like a Sechong Oolong and have a dark amber colored liquor.  And everything in between. In general, you'll find a pleasantly sophisticated cup with notes of toasted nuts, honey, even raisins or dates. Oolong tea takes really takes tea drinking to the next level.

Oolong tea is becoming very popular in health and wellness circles. Its health and weight loss benefits are touted highly and studied well. Research has shown there to be a particular type of polyphenal (antioxidant) in oolong tea that aids in digestion. It also has proved to enable toxic waste removal from the body.  One might think of these polyphenols like super-charged enzymes that aid in the digestion of fats.  They  dive into your very cells to push out waste and by doing so, increase wellness throughout your entire system.

All in all, there is an oolong tea for every palette. As American’s tastes evolve and change, oolong tea satisfies our desire for high flavor, serious refreshment, and health benefits. Try one today!

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