Oolong Tea and Weight Loss

[Zhi Tea, Dec 05, 2008]

Weight loss supplements; is there anything more covered in the media and online than that?  If we look at Google alone we'll find millions of pages covering this topic and Google is certainly not the only place to look.  In fact, so desired is the ideal supplement that it is a billion dollar industry and growing.  But not all products are created equal.

          In the end the truth of the matter is this, there is no magic pill.  There are substances that can help you lose weight through a variety of different means but in the end it's going to take increased activity and dietary adjustments to keep the weight off and, more importantly, to be healthy.

As a seller of organic specialty tea we are quite familiar with the benefits of oolong tea for weight loss.  Oprah speaks to the benefits of oolong tea and it's certainly helped her maintain miraculous results but it is helpful to understand that she also exercises regularly and eats well.
Let's discuss the benefits and limitations of oolong tea as a weight loss supplement.  First, the benefits.  In 2001, a study by Physiologist Dr. William Rumple found that.
Energy levels and daily calories burned increases when an individual consumes oolong tea daily.  The same caloric effects can be realized by drinking water with an equal dose of caffeine.
Fat burning increases by 12% after drinking oolong tea, this includes over drinking caffeinated water.

          In a 2003 study the benefits of oolong tea were compared with green tea.  It was found that while both beverages increase energy and calorie burning, oolong tea far surpasses green tea in both categories.  It was also found that polymerized polyphenol concentration is much higher in oolong tea than green tea and that is this substance that is linked to fat burning.

Numerous other studies have been done that further reinforce the benefits, but I also promised to discuss some of the limitations of oolong tea Drinking oolong tea alone is not the key to weight loss.  If you are serious about losing weight you will need to adopt healthier eating habits and increase your physical activity.

Oolong tea has caffeine, and as such, can be a mild diuretic. Always supplement with water.
In the end it does become quite clear that drinking oolong, while not the magic bullet to losing weight and living healthier, is an enjoyable and legitimate component in a healthy lifestyle.

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