oolong tea

Organically grown oolong tea; zhi direct sources some of the most exquisite oolongs available. From the lightly oxidized and aromatic jade oolongs to the more heavily oxidized and deep tasting amber oolongs. Watch for some interesting teas in this category, including rare aged teas and micro-lot teas from Dr. Oolong's personal stash.

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  1. Frozen Summit Tung Ting

    Dong Ding from Taiwan

    Price: $22.95 As low as: $4.95
  2. Four Season Spring Oolong

    Four Season from Taiwan

    Price: $17.95 As low as: $4.95
  3. Coconut Oolong

    Brand new bao zhong (pouchong) with essence of sweet coconut.

    Price: $21.95 As low as: $4.95
  4. Bao Zhong Emerald Oolong

    This tea all the hallmark qualities of the highest grades with incredible personality.

    Price: $20.95 As low as: $4.95
  1. Aged Shui Xian Oolong - 1980's

    A sophisticated dark amber liquor reveals flavors of chrysanthemums and peonies with a spicy-peppery finish.

    Price: $34.95 As low as: $9.95

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