Wild Strawberry Green Rooibos (rooibos tea)

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Wild Strawberry Green Rooibos

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Healthy, tasty, vibrant. This soothing blend came from our desire to provide some new and super healthy herbs to our line, along with the lusciousness of wild strawberries and raw, green rooibos.

The result? A uniquely savory, slightly sweet, mild and soothing cup that can be drunk any time of day or night.

Real strawberries, bilberry leaf, strawberry leaf, and copious amounts of green rooibos. This tea is a super antioxidant treat with zero caffeine!

2.0 oz Pouch $9.95 - 30 servings 33¢ per cup | 3.3 oz Tin $17.95 - 50 servings 36¢ per cup

Customer Reviews

  1. November 2, 2013 Review by Deborah

    Interesting taste, but not strongly strawberry.

    This tea had a strong taste for a Zhi Tea (probably medium level compared to flavored store-bought teas). The strawberry taste didn't strongly stand out to me, though I liked that they used dried strawberry pieces for flavoring. It more seemed like a zingy herbal berry tea added to a green rooibos as I noticed the leaf-imparted flavors more than the berry ones. (Ingredients were organic green rooibos, strawberry leaf, bilberry leaf, strawberry pieces, rose hips, rose petals, wildberry and raspberry flavor.)

Water: 208°F | Leaves: 2 tsp per 12 ounce cup | Infusion Time: 4 - 6 minutes

Basic Steeping Tips
- Use filtered or spring water, whenever possible
- Don't over-boil water
- Remove leaves after recommended time (adjust to taste)
- If you want stronger tea, use more leaves instead of steeping for a longer time
Red tea (Rooibos/Red Bush) has been researched a great deal over the last few years. Results indicate that Rooibos has the highest levels of antioxidants of all infused beverages. Higher in fact than Green Tea.

As such, it displays the highest anti-aging properties. Along with the fact that it is 100% caffeine-free, well you can enjoy this delicious cup anytime of day.
Rooibos plant grows only near the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. It was first noted by botanist Carl Humberg in 1772.

A century later, Benjamin Ginsberg, a Russian immigrant, realized its marketing potential, and in 1904 began offering it as an herbal substitute to tea.

The difficulty of shipping tea during the Second World War had boosted demand for Rooibos, which began to be referred to as Red Bush Tea, or simply Red Tea.

In Japan, Rooibos is believed to aid longevity, and is known as Long Life Tea.

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