Tea and Your Health - Antioxidants

[Zhi Tea: May 2010]

Tea has been all over the news for the past few years regarding its various and pronounced health benefits. Look for our articles from around the world on the exciting and most current news about the wonderous health benefits of tea and you'll easily see why.

Recent studies in leading medical journals declare tea a consistantly positive tonic. Tea has been studied for its health benefits for our hearts, as a cancer preventor, fat buster, an immune stimulant, arthritis soother, virus fighter and cholesterol detoxifier. Wow!  We can find no reason not to drink tea.

Medical research strongly suggests that antioxidants in the form of catechins in green tea play a role in increasing the production of good cholesterol, reducing the negative effects of bad cholesterol, and lowering triglyceride levels. They have also been shown to inhibit excessive blood clotting which may help against stroke and heart disease. Further evidence has suggested that green tea plays a role in prevention of age-related and brain degeneration diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson. Its antioxidant properties are thought to reduce free radical damage and the breakdown of neurotransmitters. 

Green and white tea’s rich supply of antioxidants may well play a key role in the prevention of various cancers, like breast, colon, stomach, and lung cancer. They suppress the formation and growth of potent cancer-causing agents. While the potential anti-cancer properties of green tea look promising, they are also complex and not yet completely understood. Stay tuned! Do your research and talk to your doctor. 

Want to learn more about the power of tea? Read more here: Green Tea and your health

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