Zhi Tea Giving Away Tea To Bloggers

Zhi Tea, Feb 6, 2008 


AUSTIN, Tx.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zhi Tea, a leading provider of strictly organic and Fair Trade loose leaf tea products, today announced that they will be giving away 500 free samples of their widely acclaimed Oolong teas to bloggers across the United States.

“We're hoping to raise awareness of the enormous health benefits of Oolong tea as well as the difference that high quality, organic tea can give to those enjoying it.  We know we have a great product, now we want the world to know,” said Zhi Tea owner  Jeffrey Lorien.

Why Bloggers:

At Zhi Tea we know the power of social media.  We also know the power of word of mouth. In this we know that as long as the product we provide is top quality and our service and shipping quick and reliable – only good things came come of it. In fact,you won't even pay shipping.

How To Get Your Free Sample:

Getting your free sample of one of our quality Oolong teas is simple.  You simply need to fill out the form you'll find at http://www.zhitea.com/blogform.html.

In order to insure that those submitting for a free sample are bloggers we have to insist that a few criteria are met.  They are:

1.     You are able to prove you are the owner of a blog by creating a new post with words “Zhi Tea” in it (it does not have to contain a link though one is always appreciated).

2.     The first post on your blog must pre-date October 16, 2007 (i.e. you didn't just start a blog to get a free sample of our Oolong tea)

3.     Only one sample will be sent to each household/office and the address must be within the US.


There are no other rules.  You are welcome to link from your blog to this press release or to our form, allowing other bloggers to take advantage of this opportunity.  In fact, it's encouraged.


About Zhi Tea

Zhi Tea was founded in January 2007 to specialize in high quality organic and Fair Trade loose-leaf tea products for customers interested in exquisite flavor without compromising environmental and social responsibility. With over sixty high quality selections of organic estate teas and blends, Zhi Tea established itself as a quality supplier of premium products backed by exceptional customer service.

Visit us today an view or extensive line of Oolong tea,




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