It Is The Journey

Zhi Tea, July 7th, 2007]

We are very excited to announce the arrival of Zhi Tea to the world! Our passion for exquisite, flavorful teas, sound environmental practices, and socially responsible business has led us to offering the very finest of these things for you! All of our teas are Certified Organic by the USDA, guaranteeing a high level of purity, consistency, and quality not to mention environmentally sound farming practices. In addition, most of our teas are also Fair Trade, certified by Trans Fair International, a global leader in the Fair Trade process. Trans Fair monitors farming practices, health and safety standards, and generates financial benefits that go straight to the pickers and tea processors themselves and their communities. The results of this system are profound and numerous. Communities standards of living are raised; running water, sewing machines, schools, and better food are just a few of the many benefits reaped by the Fair Trade system.
Zhi Tea is proud and honored to be able to support the very people who create for us the world's finest teas.
Our journey began in a roadside diner many years ago with a cup of hot water and a teabag (and a little milk and sugar)...little did we know that it would bring us here. There are many miles to go, please join us on the journey as we discover, uncover, and deliver the finest organic and Fair Trade teas the world has to offer. You, We, ZHI.

To learn more about Fair Trade, check out this page: Fair Trade and its Benefits

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